Rest in Peace

19 July 2004 -

1 May 2015


Our cat Roxy adopted us (or vice versa) around the same time that I began working in libraries. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence. Right?

In 2009, Roxy was featured in First Blog on the Moon, the blog of Crikey's cartoonist First Dog on the Moon. You can see it HERE.
sallysetsforth's Roxy photoset sallysetsforth's Roxy photoset

Animal welfare links:

RSPCA - does such incredible work all over Australia in preventing animal cruelty.

Wildlife Victoria - an organisation that we support for their wonderful work rescuing injured wildlife.

International Fund for Animal Welfare - strong international campaigners for animal welfare.

Born Free Foundation - working to 'keep wildlife in the wild'. They're not just about lions!

Sea Shepherd - not everyone agrees with their methods, but their passion for saving marine wildlife can't be denied.

Coalition Against Duck Shooting - there's simply no excuse for duck hunting seasons to continue in Australia.

Other links:

I Can Has Cheezburger - on a lighter note, the ultimate lolcat site!

Oz Pet Shop - a hat tip to the online shop where we bought Roxy's Drinkwell fountain.

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