Ever since our last #blogeverydayofjune adventure I've been meaning to post another instalment of vintage craft :)

Last time I blogged about one of my favourite vintage craft books, "Crafts for Fun and Profit". That book is part of my own craft book collection, but originally belonged to my Mum. Today's book is one that my Mum has hung on to - I took these photos when I visited at Christmas.

The book is called "Celebrity Needlepoint" (1972) by Joan Scobey and Lee Parr McGrath. It doesn't have any patterns in it, just photos and interviews with celebrities of the time period regarding their love of needlepoint (often called tapestry, although that description is not quite correct). So it's a bit like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", except with craft :)

Here's Ann B. Davis (of The Brady Bunch fame) with her needlepoint director's chair cover. She said "I never go out of the house without it [needlepoint] because I just might be kept waiting for five minutes, and I think, oh boy, that's free time to do my needlepoint!"

Celebrity Needlepoint - Ann B. Davis

Joan Fontaine shows off this needlepoint project that was designed exclusively for her by Salvador Dali, depicting his pet ocelot.

Celebrity Needlepoint - Joan Fontaine

The wonderful Betty White is pictured here with her needlepoint and one of her poodles. She enjoyed making needlepoint gifts for friends, as well as decorating her own home with it.

Celebrity Needlepoint - Betty White

Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) said "I bring needlepoint with me when traveling, and I may work when talking with the Prince or with friends in the evenings ... if my busy schedule permits it". She made this needlepoint vest for her husband Prince Rainier.

Celebrity Needlepoint - Grace Kelly

Ex-professional football player Rosey Grier was a well-known needlepoint fan, and even wrote a book about it. He's pictured here doing some needlepoint by the tennis court (with needlepoint tennis racquet cover beside him).

Celebrity Needlepoint - Rosey Grier

Mary Tyler Moore made this needlepoint purse with a honey bee pattern. She decorated much of her home with needlepoint, including furniture coverings.

Celebrity Needlepoint - Mary Tyler Moore

The wives of the Nixon administration Cabinet took part in a project to create needlepoint versions of their husbands' seals of office. Mrs Richard Nixon and Mrs Spiro Agnew are pictured here with the presidential and vice-presidential seals that they stitched.

Celebrity Needlepoint - US Cabinet Wives

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