It's June already! Which means it's time for the #blogjune (blog every day of June) challenge to commence once more :)

I've been looking forward to participating this year, since I missed it last year due to travelling through parts of Australia with very little internet access. This year is the fifth year of #blogjune, so it will be my fourth attempt.

If you're interested in getting involved in #blogjune, Con Wiebrands has provided some information and a sign-up page, as well as a list of the participating bloggers. It's really exciting to see how much it has grown since 2010.

And I must be a glutton for punishment, as I've also signed up for another daily challenge at the same time! It's called Index-Card-A-Day (#ICAD), and it's a creativity challenge that uses cheap, simple materials to encourage people to create a little bit of art each day. There's no pressure to be perfect or talented, just jump in and get those creative juices flowing. More information is available on the Daisy Yellow website.

Index-Card-A-Day (#icad) 2014 no. 1

I'll be posting future #ICAD entries on Flickr, and also plan to post a weekly round up on this blog :)