Sometimes a short, fast creative session can yield great results. These three black dogs could easily have taken me weeks of agonising over creating the designs and carefully painting them. But instead they were completed in a single afternoon. And they're amongst my favourite pieces from this year :)

Three black dogs

We were given a brief in our last studio drawing class to design a set of three pieces featuring either cats or dogs, that would be of an appropriate nature to emblazon the sides of a large transport vehicle and be seen clearly.

We had half an hour to do any research and brainstorming, followed by about an hour and a half to complete the work. I did a quick internet search for dog profile photos, and roughed up some sketches of head shapes that appealed to me. Then I drew the final versions and got painting. The first one took me the longest, but once I was into the swing of it I worked quite quickly and was really pleased with the final results.

These pieces are a good reminder for me that art doesn't always need to take forever, and that I shouldn't get caught up in overthinking and overplanning. Just do it :)

Three black dogs (1 of 3)

Three black dogs (2 of 3)

Three black dogs (3 of 3)