Righto, I'll start with some information about myself...

I currently live in Melbourne (Victoria), Australia. I've lived there for most of my life, with the exception of four years spent in sunny Canberra (Australian Capital Territory). Later this year, my partner, Tim, and I will be moving to tropical Darwin (Northern Territory) - a place we've always loved.

I work as a librarian, and think it's a terrific profession to be a part of. I really enjoy helping others find information and resources to improve their knowledge, work and lives. I also like organising information, and digging up hard-to-locate information (treasure hunting!). And I love working with people, so it's a perfect fit for me really.

Librarianship is my third career. I originally studied the sciences, and hold a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Chemistry. It didn't take long to move on to my second career, though, as a public servant doing a variety of jobs in the fields of policy, planning and projects.

A life re-evaluation led to me to the library. I started at the bottom, processing and shelving library materials. I then went back to study and earned my Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Management. This led to my first Reference Librarian position, and for the last 2 years I've been working in a special Government library conducting end user training and reference duties. I find end user training immensely satisfying, and I also love brainstorming new services in this area.

But life is not all about work, of course! Tim and I live in a suburban house with a big backyard. We have a sizeable vege patch, and several fruit trees and berry vines. I enjoy cooking (sometimes!), and have a cupboard full of jams and chutneys that I've made when I've had some energy to spare. We also brew our own beer. And we live with a cat called Roxy, who sometimes seems to enjoy our company.

I love reading books, both fiction and non-fiction. I enjoy cross stitch, and am interested in expanding my craft repertoire. All the usual interests - movies, music, walks in the park, etc. I also play computer games on occasion - mostly The Sims, which has a friendly online community that I enjoy being a part of. Yeah, alright, I'm a bit of a dag.