A few weeks ago, classes come to a close and it was time for the final folio review for my visual arts course. We had worked all year towards this point, and it was wonderful to look back on the body of work created over the year and take in what we had accomplished. There was such a diversity in the student work - you could really tell that each person had travelled their own path in their own way.

End of year review week (can you believe it?!)

For my part, when I saw my selected pieces displayed together, I could finally see what others had been saying all year - that across the variety of techniques, styles, colours and themes in my work, you really could tell that it was all created by one person. By me. I do have a style that is my own and that I'm excited to continue developing.

End of year review

For our formal review, we were asked to give a short presentation on what we had learnt during the course, and how our folio reflected our chosen career path. Below is a summary of what I said:

I started this course wanting to create embroidery and fabric designs. That hasn't changed, but it has broadened to include surface design - putting my designs onto all kinds of products. I find it really exciting to see my designs applied to products (stationery, bags, cushions, etc.). It's such a thrill, and it's what really gets me going. Hearing people say that they'd like to display my designs in their lives and their homes is the best feedback I could ask for.

My final folio reflects my chosen pathway, in that almost every piece here could be applied to a product. There are stationery designs, a rug design, a felt toy pattern, fabric designs, and embroidery designs. And my index cards are virtually a pattern library for surface design.

In this course, I've learnt about how to make my lines more interesting, get bold with colour exploration, and experiment with scale. I've also learnt creative thinking techniques, the importance of a back story / concept to my work, and the value of discussing ideas with others.

The biggest thing I've got out of this year, though, is consistently finishing work. Again and again I've broken through the barriers of fear, discouragement, boredom, distraction, technical difficulties, and loss of focus. I've pushed through and completed my work to a professional level.

Now I have a folio of finished pieces that I can use as the building blocks of a business going forward. I have lots of ideas for projects and income streams, and I'm really excited for what lies ahead. Thank you.

A week after the review, I walked out of the building for the last time. I have nothing but gratitude for the experience. It's been intense, challenging and deeply personal. I'm so glad that I grabbed this opportunity.

Just finished my final folio consultation, and I'm busting with excitement (and nerves) about what comes next!

So what happens next? I'll tell you more in another blog post. In the meantime, I'll finish off this post with a photo from our graduation night at Deakin Edge (Federation Square) last week. I'm second from the right :)

Graduation night