Yesterday we did a mini road trip to Healesville to visit the Beechworth Bakery and Maroondah Reservoir Park. It was overcast but not too cold, so we walked up to the top of the dam wall and then did the Maroondah Forest Track walk back to the bottom. The track was a bit more slippery (muddy) than I would have liked, but we managed to navigate it safely and saw some beautiful scenery along the way.

Maroondah Forest Track

Maroondah Reservoir Park is lovely, one of those really old fashioned spots with rotundas, stone paths, and well tended gardens. We don't get over there very often, but it's a beautiful picnic spot in nice weather and I will try to visit again in spring. I imagine from what I could see of the dried foliage that it would have had some great autumn colours too :)

Maroondah Reservoir Park

Take care, Sally XO