Last year I blogged about trying kumihimo (Japanese braiding) for the first time.

Since then, I've bought supplies and set to work making a number of braids using this technique. I find it very enjoyable and relaxing, and easy to do while travelling or watching TV. I've learnt about colour combinations and patterns, and my technique is definitely improving.

Daily Image 2011 - 12 June

Daily Image 2011 - 13 June

Kumihimo collection

I'm planning to use these braids to create bracelets. I've bought the jewellery findings, but turning the braids into "wearable art" is a whole 'nother learning curve, so I'll worry about that some other day.

All of the braids pictured here are round braids. There are many other types of braids (square braids, flat braids, hollow braids, etc.) that I'm looking forward to spending time on, and I'm also inspired to try different materials to see the effect of using thicker threads, and threads with different textures (eg. shiny, woolly or lacy).

I still have issues getting the tension right sometimes, which I'm sure could be corrected with the use of a proper marudai. But I'd have to give up the portability factor, so for now I'll stick with the flat disk and live with the slight bumpiness. Besides, how will you know it's handmade if it's perfect? ;)