I really need to write the sequel to my last post about the tropical low that became Tropical Cyclone Carlos on 15-17 February, but I felt like writing this post today instead.

It's kind of a gratitude post I guess, but really I just wanted to write about some of the things that were good about today. It hasn't been a perfect day by any means. I started the day dog-tired, I'm finishing it dog-tired, and it was crazy-busy in between. But it was good too.

Good things about today:
  • Rain. We got a thorough soaking this morning. It rains just about every day in Darwin in the wet season. And I'm getting kind of used to it. It's hard to imagine that soon it will stop and not rain again for many months. But I think I will like that too :)
  • Positive feedback. From lecturers about a hands-on training session my team ran with first years this morning, and for the information I provided about library activities and services that they will publicise in their online subjects. From students who wandered into my office throughout the day and sought help locating books and journal articles for their first assignments.
  • Leftover macaroni cheese. Real macaroni cheese. Made from real macaroni. And real cheese.
  • Crazy cat time. That time of day when the cat runs up and down the corridor as fast as possible and for no apparent reason. It always make me smile. Of course, there *was* a reason - she was running away from the poo she had just done in the litter tray. Or rather, that she had *not* done in the litter tray. But that scrambling around the house like a mad thing still makes me smile.
  • Magnum P.I. reruns on TV. Even though they're programmed in a completely random fashion, with complete disregard for what season each episode is in, I'm still glad they're showing. The silly storylines, the shorts, the hammy fight scenes, the red Ferrari, the moustache, the Hawaiian scenery, and did I mention the shorts?
  • My netbook. So I can blog on the couch in the lounge room instead of the desk in the study. And its grainy webcam, because I had to take my daily pic and I am not even vaguely photogenic today. BeFunky's photo effects helped out with that too ;)
  • Tim. For coming up and giving me a cuddle while I typed this blog post.