Last week I caught a train for the first time in months so that I could visit my local library. Like most people, I've been staying close to home with no unnecessary travel. But as confidence grows and restrictions ease, I am taking more and more steps back into the world.

Quiet train

Today I travelled into the city. I wanted to get to Malvern for a fabric sale (a necessary trip, I think you'll agree!). This required a train trip into the city and out again. Rather than just change platforms, I decided to pop out at Flinders Street and dip my toes into the CBD a little bit.

There's a Daiso across from the station, so I ducked in and bought a few treats for myself - some washi tape, origami paper, crayons, and punches. Then I got a hot jam donut at Walker's Doughnuts :)

Back at Flinders Street Station, I headed over to Platform 8. I normally only use Platform 1, so I always enjoy the oppportunity to check out the old signage between platforms. There are some beautiful tiles there - I wish they would take better care of them. Here's one of my favourites, which has extra relevance now:

Words to live by.

Take care, Sally XO