Hello, long time no see! I'm not sure if anyone's still subscribed to this blog, as I haven't posted here since 2016. Sorry about that ... 

I do have a new blog on my Sally Cummings Designs website. I've been meaning to add a link here for some time! The blog there is also called Sally Sets Forth, but I've not posted there as regularly as I'd like. I'm yet to find my balance between personal and professional blogging in the art and design world, and that indecision has definitely got in the way of posting more often. Of course I still post regularly to Instagram and Twitter, and I even have a Facebook page that I occasionally update ;)

On the weekend Kathryn Greenhill revived the idea of doing #blogjune in 2020, and created a sign up page. I loved the idea, but wasn't sure how to make it work on my business website. Rather than um and ah all day about it, I decided to re-open this blog and post here. After all, this is where my collection of previous #blogjune posts live :)

Today is the first day of winter, and in Melbourne it was very wintry indeed. It was also the first day of eased restrictions in Victoria, following more than two months of limited movement and closed businesses due to COVID-19. My favourite local op shop reopened today. Some of the local cafes and restaurants have reintroduced dining in. My local library system is taking its first steps to reopening, with a click and collect hold service. Day trips, and even overnight trips, are possible again. It's an exciting time, but I think we're all also feeling cautious and a bit nervous of the changes.

First day of winter

Anyway, I won't use up all my words today - there are still 29 blog posts to go! So I'll see you again tomorrow :)

Take care, Sally XO