Glutton for punishment that I am, I have decided to participate once again in the challenge to blog every day of June.

My blog's been pretty quiet this year due to a multitude of reasons. But I have been jotting down my thoughts and activities every now and then, and my drafts folder has been growing and growing. So although I certainly won't have an excess of spare time on my hands in June, I figured this was a good push to get some of those drafts out there - and then you all might have a bit of an idea of what I've been up to this year!

Last year the blogging challenge was called #blogeverydayofjune, in reference to the hashtag that was being used on Twitter. This year it's #blogjune - partly for brevity and partly to help people remember it better! So if you want to follow along on Twitter, just follow the #blogjune hashtag, or you can check out the list of bloggers on Libraries Interact, or this Netvibes page that displays all of the participating blogs (compiled by @katejf).

So far there are already 60+ bloggers (mostly working in libraries in Australia and New Zealand, but not all) who have put their hands up to participate - almost double the number who did it last year! For me, that was also a big reason to get involved in the challenge again, as I love the sense of community that builds around an activity like this :)

So is my first contribution simply going to be talking about the fact that I'm going to blog every day of June? Yes. But I promise there'll be *actual* content in the days to come ;)

In the meantime, here's a photo of life (sometimes) in Darwin:

Daily Image 2011 - 14 May

P.S. I'll be tweeting using this year's Twitter hashtag #blogjune, but I'll use both of the tags "blogjune" and "blogeverydayofjune" here on my blog, so that people can find blog posts from both years' events more easily. Yes, I'm such a librarian - must have the metadata right!

Edited to add: I've made some changes to my blog, and am now only using #blogjune to describe these blog posts (it's shorter!)