If you look over to your left, you will see a new menu item called Animal Kingdom.The focus of this page is on animals, with particular emphasis on our cat, Roxy, and animal welfare issues.

At least, I think that's what it's going to be about. I hope that the 'static web pages' on this site will never actually be 'static', as I'll be updating them and adding new content regularly (I'll probably mention any major updates in my blog entries). So the focus of some of the pages may change over time.

Oh, and in case you hadn't already noticed, I already have a Book Nook page up and running. There's also a 'where is' page, where you can find out about my other online locations.

P.S. Speaking of animals, did you watch Christian the Lion on telly tonight? It's an amazing story! You can read all about it (and watch a video) on the Born Free Foundation website.

Edited to add (3/5/14): Animal Kingdom now has a new name and URL -> Cat Lady :) And it's at the top of the page now, not on the left.