I've been working my way through boxes of "stuff" that migrated from my parents' garage into our spare room many years ago, never to be looked at again. Until now, that is. In preparation for our move, I have been busily sorting and culling. It's amazing how much paperwork can build up over the years!

I'll write a blog post some other day on the treasures and embarrassments that I've uncovered along the way, but today I thought I'd share with you some poetry that I wrote 20 years ago in high school :)


Looking out the window
    At the clouds all passing by;
I wonder if another world
    Exists beyond the sky.

Pretty deep, hey? ;) But mostly I was a silly child, so these next two poems are more in character!

Mr Monster.

Purple monster of the park,
    In the shadows, where it's dark;
Hiding underneath the bench,
    Looking for his monkey wrench.


Tommy Brown eats Vegemite
    Every day and every night.
He sticks his fingers in the jar
    Of goo, that looks like sticky tar.

He gets it on his nose and face,
    And every other open space.
It travels east, west, north and south,
    And sometimes gets into his mouth.

His mother says "You are a grub!,
    And gives his face a thorough scrub.
"I wish you'd change to peanut butter",
    She has oft been heard to mutter.

But Tommy loves his Vegemite,
    He says it makes his teeth more bright.
He'll eat it till the day he dies,
    On buttered bread and cold meat pies.

P.S. I was a total swot at high school - especially in English - so it would be remiss of me not to mention that I got a mark of A+++ for this collection of poems ;)