I'm running behind both on creating daily index card art and blogging about it. I finished this set a few weeks ago, and have completed more since. I'm not sure yet if I will complete the full 61 cards (I've never managed it yet) or choose my own finishing point.

I remember that this lot took quite a while to create, as I agonised over a few of them for several days! The trio of flowers in the top right of the photo took me ages to finish - I really liked the design I'd come up with, so I took my time over choosing colours and getting it just right (not that I necessarily succeeded!). In fact most of these cards were a multi-step process, with time required between each layer of work.

Index-Card-A-Day (#ICAD) 2016 Week 5 round up

A few new things here too. On the right hand side some crinkled tissue paper lent texture to a card. On the bottom left I used the inside of a security envelope as the background pattern. There are acrylic and watercolour paints used here, as well as fineliners, markers and watercolour pencils. The bottom right card explored a pattern I'd been trying out in one of my assignments - it also covers up an unsuccessful experiment with rubbing alcohol :)

All of my index cards for the Index-Card-A-Day challenge (#ICAD2016) are posted on Flickr, Instagram and Tumblr as I create them.