I just realised I've already done my first seven cards for this year's Index-Card-A-Day challenge (#ICAD2016), so it's time for a weekly round up.

I've been posting them each day to Flickr, and also to Instagram and Tumblr. A collage of the first week's efforts is below.

Index-Card-A-Day (#ICAD) 2016 Week 1 round up

Again, never easy to make time to do these, but it's such a worthwhile activity for switching gears, engaging creativity and developing skills. It's a bit like a shared daily sketchbook habit, really.

I had a few leftover watercolour backgrounds from last year, as well as some other bits and pieces that I've repurposed. That was a real timesaver this week. I'll try to get a head start on a few more this weekend if I can.

Interesting to see two distinct colour palettes emerging in the first week's cards. I don't think that was deliberate. A bit of collage - we're doing a collage assignment at the moment, so it's on the brain I guess. Some doodling, mostly over the top of other media. Paint of various types in all except one. The only one without paint was done with permanent markers in a food court while waiting for a friend. Much better than wasting time on my phone :)