An absolute flurry of tweets erupted today, with many of my library friends and colleagues from Australia and New Zealand committing to blogging every day in June. Thanks to @stephmcg and @flexnib for starting the ball rolling! :)

I've "signed up" to the challenge, partly to enjoy and participate in the community spirit of it, and partly to re-energise my blog. I found the experience of blogging every day of the Advent calendar in December to be both challenging (thinking of things to write about) and liberating (shedding perfectionism and long periods of pondering in favour of writing posts to a deadline!).

Here are some of the other bloggers from library-world that are planning to post every day this month:

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Connecting Librarian
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Bun-toting Librarian
Info Geek Grrl
Sea of Memes

I'll add any other bloggers to this list as I become aware of them :)

I also like the variation on this challenge that's been suggested by Kathryn at Libraries Interact, which encourages those who don't have blogs, or who don't have time to blog every day, to try to make 30 comments on other people's blogs in the month of June. What a great idea for building and strengthening online connections! :)

P.S. The title of this blog post - #blogeverydayofjune - is the Twitter hashtag for this blogging challenge.

Edited to add: In recent years, the Twitter hashtag changed to #blogjune (shorter!) and this is also the tag that I'm now using to identify #blogjune posts on the blog.