It was a lovely wet afternoon in Melbourne today :) Lovely because the weather held up this morning so that we could run errands, move boxes into storage and treat ourselves to morning tea at a fancy cafe, and lovely because the rain started after we'd got home so that we could do indoor activities with the heater on and enjoy the sound of the rain outside. My kind of wet day!

Wet day

I'm not doing too well at keeping up with #blogjune this year, although I have already blogged more this month than I had in the entire year preceding it! This week just gone I've been on early shift at work (7am-3pm), so I thought I'd have plenty of time for blogging in the evening. But early mornings need early nights, and I'm not so good at those - meaning I fell further and further into sleep deficit as the week went on. So this morning's little sleep-in felt *really* good :)