This post is dedicated to Jenelle! It's a response to her blog post about Icehouse that sprang from a fun Twitter conversation / singalong :)

The Sharp released most of their singles during my first couple of years at Uni. I saw them perform at Union House (University of Melbourne), and thought they were pretty wonderful!

They are probably better remembered for their skivvies and the big double bass than their music, but they really did create some terrific songs. I still play them on a fairly regular basis, and the first album I ever converted to mp3 was Sonic Tripod!

The Sharp's first album was called "This is the Sharp", and it had several big hits such as Scratch My Back, Talking Sly, Yeah I Want You and Train of Thought.

Talking Sly -

Train of Thought -

Scratch My Back - filmclip not available but you can listen HERE

Their second album was "Sonic Tripod". It's my favourite, and also had big hits like Totally Yeah, Alone Like Me, and Where Am I Now?

Alone Like Me - filmclip not available but you can listen HERE (music starts at the 20 second mark)

Nightclub - this song always gets me rocking! This video of their performance on Hey Hey It's Saturday is pretty awful quality, and it doesn't have the same thumping groove as the CD track. But I know Jenelle loves that awful show, so it seemed appropriate to include it ;)

Finally, no tribute to The Sharp would be complete without the D-Generation's parody: Skivvies Are Back!

P.S. According to their MySpace page, The Sharp will be performing some shows in the next couple of months. Hmmm, I think I'd rather leave them in my past :)