I mentioned in my first #blogjune post for this year, that I'm taking part in a couple of creative challenges this month. One is the Index-Card-A-Day challenge that I've done for the last two years - I'll be posting updates on that here on the blog every week or so. The other challenge is The 100 Day Project (#the100dayproject).

I first heard about #the100dayproject when it was mentioned by a few artists and illustrators that I follow on Instagram who were planning to take part. Intrigued, I investigated further. The challenge involves choosing a creative activity - anything you like - and doing it for 100 days. The tagline is "What could you do with 100 days of making?".

Day 5 #100daysofbrushstrokes #the100dayproject

Knowing how much I've got out of other daily creative challenges, in building both skills and community, I wanted to participate. But I also knew I had the index card challenge on the horizon, and assignments for art school are very demanding on my time.

By chance, I discovered a simple iPhone app called Ink Brush Pen around the same time I was contemplating joining #the100dayproject. After creating a few little drawings just using my finger, and liking the look of the brush pen effect, I decided this was it - this was how I could participate in a short but satisfying way each day, without stressing out about trying to create great works of art.

Now I just had to decide on a personal hashtag (#100daysof... ) to accompany the challenge. I chose #100daysofbrushstrokes.

I've decided to join #the100dayproject challenge on Instagram :) My theme is #100daysofbrushstrokes, and each day I'll post a small digital drawing made using an ink brush app on my phone

Each day I take a few minutes to play around on the app and see what I can come up with. Some days I feel especially creative, and build up a bank of drawings that I can use on those days when I don't have enough time or energy to come up with something. My drawings using the app are necessarily simple, and I enjoy creating them.

Here's a quick mosaic of some of my favourite pieces for #the100dayproject so far. I post them each day to my Instagram account, and also to my Flickr account where you can view them all together in an album.

#100daysofbrushstrokes mosaic

The challenge runs from 19 April - 27 July. There are lots of amazing artists, creators, photographers and makers taking part. You can check out the hashtag on Instagram to see the latest work that people are doing. So inspiring, and a great way of finding interesting people to follow too.