Last weekend (the Easter long weekend) marked the end of the busiest time of year for a liaison librarian in an academic library. The beginning of first semester is incredibly busy, with heaps of classes to plan, prepare and deliver - as well as an orientation program to run, lecturers to assist with unit readings, and of course lots and lots of students needing help.

So it was lovely to have a few days off to relax and enjoy myself, for what felt like the first time in months!

On Saturday afternoon we went for a drive (so nice to be going somewhere other than work or the supermarket!) around Rapid Creek and Nightcliff. We stopped for a while at Nightcliff jetty and watched a rather dramatic stormfront in the distance. It was also a very high tide while we were there, and watching the unusually choppy waves crashing into the cliffs was quite breathtaking. The sun began to set while we were there - mostly obscured by the storm clouds, but there was a hint of pink to show us what we were missing.

Nightcliff jetty

Nightcliff jetty at high tide

Nightcliff breakwater at high tide

Nightcliff at high tide

After the sun went down, we headed down the road for a drink at the Beachfront Hotel. The weather has been so hot and humid this season that we hadn't been to an outdoor venue in ages - the breeze coming off the stormfront made it quite pleasant though.

Over the next couple of days I spent some time sorting through old photos, and found a bunch of pictures I'd taken at Nightcliff jetty in the dry season that I hadn't uploaded yet. I've now added them to my Flickr account and have included a few here too, to show the difference between seasons (as well as at different tide levels).

Nightcliff jetty

Nightcliff boat ramp at low tide

Nightcliff at low tide

Nightcliff sunset over the jetty