No, I haven't forgotten my blog, although it's been quite a while since I updated. My tale of woe follows...

First there was my shoulder injury. Although it's feeling heaps better now, it still tends to feel sore at the end of a long day on the computer. So my optimism about it being a short-term injury was slightly misplaced. I would now say that it appears to be a result of over-use, possibly/probably mouse-related. So I will have to be careful in future to ease off when I need a rest, and maybe learn to use the mouse left-handed :)

Then my computer blew up (please note that this is a metaphor representing computer troubles, not a literal description!). We took it to the shop for diagnosis, and it turned out that the hard drive was failing. I will not launch into the rant that is on the tip of my tongue regarding the service levels of my local computer repair mob, except to say that the process of getting the hard drive contents retrieved and transferred on to a new hard drive was not angst-free.

I also went on a holiday for six days, during which I decided not to tweet, blog or otherwise interrupt the vacation vibe. My mum and I went to Hobart and did lots of lovely touristy things which I will blog about shortly.

Anyhoo, we got the computer back on Friday. Actually, we got it back on Thursday, but due to aforementioned ineptitude of computer repair shop we had to send it back again on Friday, but I said I wouldn't go into that ;). So in between bouts of feeling miserable due to a recent cold (not swine flu, so said the doctor), I have been reinstalling software and getting the computer back into its familiar shape.

Barring any unforeseen dramas, this station will now return to its usual schedule :)