Tim and I both took a big step today. We delivered our analog televisions to the local e-waste recovery centre and said goodbye.

Why was this a big deal? Because we have trouble letting go. I've blogged before about my struggle to overcome a collecting habit that's been ingrained since my childhood. I also have difficulty dealing effectively with things that might come in handy one day, and anything that has a sentimental attachment.

My little black and white TV was a gift from my parents on my 18th birthday (I still remember the three 'big' gifts I got for my three 'big' birthdays - a camera for my 16th, a television for my 18th and a stereo for my 21st). After I moved out of home, that little telly was my only TV until Tim and his colour television moved in with me, and I've never managed to let go, even though we never used it again. It was still in good working order, and it looked so cute sitting up there on the top shelf ...

Tim's colour television was his first major purchase after he'd started working. He bought it when he was working in the mining industry in Western Australia. Nowadays it would be regarded as a medium-sized TV, but back then it was huge! It was our main television until earlier this year, having survived the switch to digital thanks to a set top box. When my Mum moved into aged care at the start of this year, we got her large, flat screen television, and Tim's TV went into limbo.

Clearing out my parents' house this year has provided us with a lot of perspective though. Seeing what eventually happens when you don't throw anything away is a sobering experience. So this weekend, we finally plucked up the courage to say goodbye to our respective televisions - still working, but also not working. Knowing that their parts will be recycled wherever possible helps, of course.

Goodbye old telly.

Letting go