I suspect I'm not the only blogger dusting off old draft posts for the #blogeverydayofjune challenge, so here's one I prepared earlier ... *lol*

Some time ago, there was a discussion on Twitter about the joys of bench mixers. I regret to say that I still haven't used my Kenwood Chef to whip something up as I promised that day. You'll know when I do, though, because proud pictures will be posted!

That discussion got me thinking (and not for the first time, I'll admit) about the number of kitchen appliances that we've amassed over the years. I do love making lists, so here's my appliance inventory for your viewing pleasure(?).
  • Bench mixer - not used very often, mostly for making cheesecakes :)
  • Mincer - attaches to the bench mixer, Tim uses it to make sausages and mince for bolognese
  • Food processor - mostly used for soups and crumbing stuff, rarely use the chopping attachments
  • Blender - heavy use on cocktail nights, also for lassis and milkshakes
  • Juicer - great for turning smaller-than-normal apples from our trees into juice, Tim makes carrot juice too but I cringe at the small amount of juice that comes from huge piles of fruit or veg
  • Jaffle maker - mmm, jaffles!
  • Sandwich press - not used as often as the jaffle maker, but enough to keep it around
  • Toaster oven - my fave for toasted cheese sandwiches, and any bread that doesn't fit in the regular slice toaster
  • Soy milk maker - used for making rice milk, mostly in winter to go with porridge
  • Espresso machine - Tim uses it twice a day, every day and has become a total coffee snob
  • Bread maker - makes home-made bread so easily, we run it overnight for fresh bread in the morning
  • Spice grinder - once you've ground your own spices from the seeds, you'll never go back!
  • Hand mixer - used regularly, it's easier to get out of the cupboard than the bench mixer (and easier to clean)
  • Dehydrator - used in the summer months when (if) we have a glut of tomatoes, apples, plums, zucchini, beans, etc
  • Preserving kit - it's been a few years since I used the Fowlers Vacola kit, but it's not going anywhere! (*precious*)
  • Home brew kit - used every summer, I don't know why everyone doesn't brew their own beer
  • Kettle - not a glamourous kitchen appliance, but where would we be without it?
  • Toaster - same as above, used almost daily
  • Microwave - I avoided getting one for years, but now we use it almost every day
  • Oven and stove  - am I stretching this list a bit far? maybe, but it feels weird to leave them out
  • Fridge - same as above, but it's worth mentioning that I love our upside-down fridge!
  • Chest freezer - we actually have two stand-alone freezers, used for storing our garden produce and the results of Tim's fishing efforts
So ... how does this list compare to the appliance collection in your kitchen?