This evening we went along to India at Mindil - a cultural festival featuring food, music and dancing that was held at Mindil Beach.

To be honest, I was underwhelmed. We bought palak paneer from one of the food stalls, and found it to be distinctly less than hot - so much so that we worried about the food safety aspect. It was a bit of a measly serve too. We made up for it with a yummy fruit shake, but in that case were let down by poor customer service.

The crowds were huge, with lots of jostling, so we escaped to the beach to watch the sunset and drink our fruit shake. We could hear the music coming from the performance stage, so that was lovely. The sunset was beautiful, of course, and I was glad I brought my camera along :)

Mindil Beach Sunset 10

Mindil Beach Sunset 11

After the sun had set, we made our way to the stage area to enjoy some of the music and dancing on offer. We soon discovered that people who had set up chairs didn't want *anyone* in front of them to interrupt their view, and even enlisted their small children to ask people to move out of the way. Ugh. I was over it all by then, so we picked up some gulab jamun to take away, and went home.

A so-so evening. But the gulab jamun was great :)