This is the blog post where I gloat about the beautiful weather in Darwin :)

While you've all been enjoying spring, summer and autumn, here in Darwin we had the build-up (also known as the suicide season because the weather is *that* bad) and the wet season (along with a record-breaking 3 metres of rain!).

But now that you're all turning the heaters on for winter, it's Darwin's turn to shine. The dry season.

About a month ago, the weather in Darwin turned and the dry season arrived. The transition from wet season to dry season took about 2 or 3 weeks, but once the dry season is here there is no going back. None of this wondering whether or not to bring an umbrella with you - it is quite simply *not* going to rain for several months.

It's absolutely gorgeous. The daytime temperature reaches a maximum of about 30°C. Every day. The minimum temperatures overnight usually drop to 20°C, but sometimes below. I must have acclimatised, because I've already been known to wake up shivering when the temperature dips to 18°C :) And it's sunny. All the time.

The dramatic drop in humidity brings a renewed energy for outdoor activities. The Mindil Beach Markets are back, the restaurants at Cullen Bay are re-opening, the city is buzzing. It's perfect weather for walking, picnicking and sightseeing. And we're looking forward to taking the boat out on local waters for the first time very soon.

There's a downside of course, as the plants begin to brown off and drop foliage. But there's also a fix. There are no water restrictions in Darwin, and we've been using the sprinklers to try to keep our lawn and garden green. Yes! Sprinklers! I feel positively wicked ;)

Anyway, expect to hear more about the glorious dry season in posts to come. In the meantime, please drool over these photos of Darwin in the dry.

18 August - Sunset over Nightcliff

Darwin Convention Centre

Mitchell St, Darwin

Mindil Beach Sunset 6

9 August - Darwin Waterfront

Coconut tree above our pool 2