Man, oh man, oh man! It really has been ages since I last blogged!

Whilst I won't go into all the reasons why I've been a bit quiet online lately (let's just say I tend to withdraw from the world when I'm under stress), there have been a few changes in my life lately ...

Our long-anticipated move north is on hold (again), this time due to family circumstances. We may still be looking at moving in July/August, but it will very much depend on what else is happening at the time. We'll just have to go with the flow.

And I'm back at work! A week after my last blog post I started working again at my former place of employment. Just a short-term position, until the end of the financial year. Well, two positions actually, which add up to full-time work. I know that having a full-time job is not exactly unusual, but it has been a big change for me after 9 months away, and I'm just now getting the hang of the changed rhythm. I took a leave of absence from my Masters for this semester. I'll get back into it next semester when things are less crazy (Ha! As if that's ever going to happen!).

My morning online catch-up with what's going on has been replaced by the frantic, have-a-shower-get-dressed-eat-breakfast-catch-train routine of the commuting worker. And when I get home, I'm not always so interested in turning the computer on again for a while. I've also been living slightly more intensely in my evening hours and weekends. You know what I mean, time is always more precious when there's less of it. So that also accounts somewhat for my reduced time online.

Um, what else... I'm doing a bit of crafting. Mostly for myself right now, after doing several projects for other people. I'm exploring a whole bunch of new craft techniques too (not that I have any time for more crafts!). Speaking of which, I've had a draft webpage about crafting in the works forever now - getting that online soon is on my to-do list.

Oh, I also went crazy at the closing down book sale at City Basement Books, and undid all the good work I'd done in culling books beforehand!

And I just realised that my one-year blog anniversary came and went without any fanfare. I'm not really fussed about marking these kind of goalposts, but it's kind of nice to keep track of how long I've had this online presence for. Which would be one year and 16 days now :)

P.S. I owe a lot of people a bunch of emails - I'm getting there, I promise!