Happy New Year!

Another year begins, and I'm hoping that 2013 will be a good one! 2012 was a challenging year in many respects, but of course there were plenty of highs to balance out the lows. Mostly it just felt really busy - moving interstate (again!), lots of visitors, lots of work. The year seemed to pass in a flash.

My blogging frequency dropped off a cliff after the #blogeverydayofjune challenge, as per usual. My PC was out of action for much of the year, and I don't really enjoy blogging with my netbook's small screen and keyboard. I wonder if I would blog more if my website provider had a mobile publishing app ... I often lack the energy to turn on a computer at the end of a working day, but I find I now use my mobile phone to do a lot of the activities that I used to do on a PC (eg. tweeting, emailing, uploading photos, reading news, watching videos). I also tried to spend more time doing "offline" activities in 2012 - especially reading novels, crafting, and getting out and about during my downtime.

I'm in Melbourne at the moment, having a rare day off amongst a busy schedule of visiting family and friends. I've managed to catch up with some of my favourite places too - parks, shops, and restaurants :) We'll be back in Darwin next week, but hopefully we'll be returning to a wet season with some real rain to provide a bit of much needed relief from the humidity. The build up seemed extra long this time around, with very little rainfall in the last few months.

I hope that my readers can also look back at the past year with fondness and/or perspective, and I wish you all the very best for a successful, happy and healthy 2013!

Talk soon :)