The frogs in our garden are going crazy. They're barking, belching, quacking, grunting and honking. Loudly.

Apparently some people enjoy this noise. Nuh. I don't get it.

The last time the frogs were this loud, this is what we found in the morning:

Frisky Frogs

These frisky frogs were in our pool. We chased them out - and snapped a couple of photos ;) - but soon discovered that they had left something behind in the water. Hundreds and hundreds of little frog eggs. You can see some of them in this photo (upper right).

I would have thought it would be too chlorine-y for them, but we've had a lot of rain, so perhaps there was a layer of freshwater on top - enough for them to think their little froglets would have a chance.

We like using our pool, so the frog eggs had to go. Tim scooped them out of the pool (they looked like sago in the pool scoop!). He put them in the drain along the side of their house, which always has some water in it.

I can report that the tadpole population in our garden is doing well, and I'm sure they'll do their parents proud when they grow into frogs that keep us awake at night.

In the meantime, tonight's racket leads me to believe that we'll be cleaning the pool again tomorrow ...

Addendum: We did a quick check of the pool last night before going to bed, and discovered no less than three mating pairs of froggies on the rim of our pool (including the pair in the photo below). Tim shuffled them off into other parts of the garden, but we knew that wouldn't be the last of it. And sure enough, an inspection of the pool this morning has revealed that the frogs were very busy indeed - eggs, eggs and more eggs. *sigh*

More Frisky Frogs