Well here we are in 2010 :)

It's going to be a very busy year for me and Tim, at least for the first few months. We're doing repairs and renovations around the house, doing a major cull of our possessions, moving interstate, looking for work - and who knows what will come after that!

Since Christmas we've had three large trees removed, a new toilet installed and other plumbing work done, new roof insulation put in, and we've thrown out or recycled several large bins full of 'stuff'. We've also had quotes for a new kitchen and bathroom, which will continue to keep us busy around the house for a while. Oh, and it's harvest time in the garden - so there's lots of cooking and preserving going on too!

I'm sure there will be lots more posts forthcoming on all this activity and upheaval - I just need to find some time to write them!

This afternoon Tim and I are heading off to Adelaide to catch the last couple of stages of the Tour Down Under. We almost decided not to go, what with all the activity going on here, but once the buzz started and the world-class cyclists started arriving ... well, I just couldn't stay away!

My sister will be house-sitting for us while we're away, and it will be interesting to hear how Roxy copes with a different person in the house - or will she even notice?

I'll blog again when we're back home :)

P.S. I posted a new recipe for an easy beetroot risotto on my Recipe Box page.