Tonight we found ourselves with a litre or so of milk that was about to hit its due date. While pondering what to do with it, I remembered a recipe that I'd been wanting to try for ages - blancmange!

A couple of years ago, I bought some of Mrs Beeton's recipe books - reissues, or rather modernisations, of recipes from her famous book of household management that had been converted to current measurements. One of them focused on puddings and desserts, and had a section on old-fashioned rice and milk puddings. That was where we got our blancmange recipe from.


It turned out pretty well for a first attempt, don't you think? And it was delicious! Just a touch of almond flavour, and really a beautiful fresh taste. It turned out to be surprisingly suitable for our tropical climate, and will go wonderfully with fresh fruit and/or a berry coulis :)

P.S. I forgot to mention that it was Tim who put this together, while I provided the moral support and backseat driving :)