There's something magical about watching the sun set over the water at Mindil Beach here in Darwin. The crowds on market nights make it a wonderful shared experience as we grab something yummy from the food and drink stalls and make our way to the beach to see what kind of show the sky will give us. Of course it's different every time, depending on the shapes of the clouds or the amount of smoke in the atmosphere (there are always fires burning somewhere nearby during the dry season).

Mindil Beach sunset crowds

Friday Photos 2012 Week 20 - Water

But do you know what is equally magical? The unexpected sunsets that you see when you're on your way home from the shops, or when you raise your head from the book you're reading and discover that the whole sky is pink! The crowds hardly gather on our balcony to watch the sun set over nearby buildings and palm trees, but it's a special experience nonetheless :)

Beautiful sunset from our balcony