Tim and I are now planning to move to Darwin early next year (probably February) rather than late this year. The reason is a mixture of finances, renovations required to rent out our house, and an aversion to moving to the tropics in the middle of the build up.

At the end of July I'll finish work at the beautiful library where I'm currently employed. Rather than do temp work until the move, I decided that this seems like a pretty great opportunity to re-enrol in my Masters in Library and Information Management. So it will be back to the books for me :).

My formal offer is in the mail (yay!). I'm hoping to get approval for a full-time load, so that if I work hard and manage my time well, I should have my Masters by the end of the year.

I had always planned to complete the Masters at some point, but it's not always (or ever?) easy to fit study in to a busy week, especially when working. Getting back on to the computer for more work at the end of a 9-5 day is easier said than done.

I hope that the Masters qualification will help to prepare me for higher level positions in future. But it will be especially useful to have under my belt in the event of applying for librarian work overseas, as a Masters degree is more readily recognised than a Graduate Diploma.

Happily my computer is up and running again (after further mishaps, this time due to power issues). Now I just have to arrange for a more ergonomic desk setup, especially in light of my recent shoulder problems, to see me through the coming months of study.

P.S. How long do you think it will take for the glow of nostalgia regarding study to wear off and the harsh reality of readings and assignments kicks in? My bet is 2 weeks in  ;)