I picked some delicious berries from our garden today :)

Berry Harvest

On the left are raspberries, and on the right are boysenberries. The raspberries are especially sweet and delicious - so much better than anything you can buy! They were all eaten within 10 minutes of taking this pic ;)

Below is a photo of our berry patch. It was taken a couple of years ago (I thought of taking a new photo, but it's very overgrown and brambly at the moment!). Along the back wall are boysenberries and loganberries. Raspberries are in the next garden bed, and you can just see the redcurrant plants in front of them. We also grow blueberries and blackcurrants.

Our berry patch

Loganberries are my favourite berry. We always had them growing in my family's garden, so there's a sentimental reason for loving them, but they also have a wonderful tartness to go along with their sweetness. Unfortunately they got walloped by the heatwave we had in November this year, so we won't get to enjoy them this season.

It takes a few years to get a good return on a berry patch, but it's so worthwhile. If the berries are brambles, you'll need to prune regularly and be prepared to put up with some scratches from the small thorns. But your reward will be the yummiest berries you'll ever have the pleasure of tasting :)