In my previous post, I mentioned that I went along to the #socialmelb tweetup for a spot of creative bartering this morning. It was held at Mr Tulk Cafe in the State Library of Victoria. And it was the beginning of a very enjoyable day in and around the city for Tim and I.

After we left Mr Tulk Cafe, we did a spot of window shopping in Melbourne Central. We were hoping to finish our remaining Christmas shopping, but had no luck in that department. So we popped into a cafe for something to eat (and had a vigorous discussion about the pros and cons of homemade versus purchased presents!).

The weather was lovely, so we next caught a tram down St Kilda Road to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Tim and I had a lovely wander through the gardens, and also stretched out on one of the lawn areas to simply enjoy the view and lounge about for an hour or so :)

We walked back to the city along the Yarra River, eventually arriving at Southgate where we had some lunch and an ice cream to go with the view of the river. We did a spot of people watching too - mostly those dancing drunkenly on their Christmas party booze cruises ;)

Our evening was a bit stressful, unfortunately, when we arrived home to discover that Roxy hadn't eaten any of her food while we were away. This is extremely unusual for a cat who's on a diet! Tim and I had taken Roxy to the vet yesterday for a suspected ear infection. She acted very subdued afterwards, which caused us some concern and resulted in further phone calls to the vet. She'd seemed to pick up overnight, but the loss of appetite was very worrying. So it was off to the vet again! He couldn't really determine a cause, but it appeared that Roxy wasn't eating because of pain rather than appetite loss. So we changed her over to wet food this evening, and happily she's had a couple of good-sized meals now. Hopefully she'll be able to eat normally again once the ear infection clears up (fingers crossed!).

The other downside to the day was the discovery that I was sunburnt! At first I just looked a bit pink, but as the evening wore on it became obvious that I was quite badly burnt on the face and forearms. I've applied aloe vera gel, but wish I had remembered the sunscreen! I think all this funny weather we've been having lately made me forget that it's summer!

The day did pick up again when I realised that my University results were due back today. I checked online and discovered that I got marks that I was more than happy with for the semester  - woohoo! :)

Tim's day appears to have ended well too - he is ensconced in front of the television, flicking channels (without any protest from me) between a zombie movie and a disaster movie. And I'm more than happy to leave him to it!