Sorry about the lack of a blog post yesterday - I was stitching to a deadline and ran out of time!

I've been meaning to post here for some time about crafty stuff - crafts that I currently do and crafts that I want to learn. That blog post is still in the pipeline, but for now I'll show you my latest cross stitch project of robots mucking around in a photo booth :) (click on the photo to see a larger version on Flickr). The pattern was created by Krupp at Mr X Stitch. I loved the design as soon as I saw it!

Robot Cross Stitch Bookmark

I've previously mentioned that I have met some great people on Twitter. A couple of lovely librarian/crafter/creator types - Kim and Ruth in Melbourne came up with the idea of swapping items in their areas of expertise - a creative barter (#creativebarter on Twitter). They brought crochet and pottery into the mix, and when they put out for the call for others to join in, I volunteered my cross stitching efforts.

Now, cross stitch is not one of the trendier crafts that one can do. And a lot of cross stitch designs consist of flowers, kittens, etc. In fact, I must confess that I love cross stitching flowers myself ;). But like many crafts today, there are people out there doing some pretty cool, edgy stuff with traditional crafts like cross stitch, embroidery and crochet. And happily, Kim and Ruth were open to the idea of some modern cross stitch :)

So I became part of the #creativebarter group. We arranged mutually agreeable swaps for our wares, and I got to work on stitching the robot photo booth, which I made up as a bookmark in this instance. I've also created a cross stitch design (my first!) of a teapot, which I'll be starting work on as soon as Christmas is over. In return, Ruth made some gorgeous blue-hued pottery bowls, and Kim offered an amigurumi knight and crochet lesson (amigurumi is a Japanese term for small crocheted toys).

Our first swap took place this morning (which is why I was madly finishing my cross stitch last night!) at the weekly #socialmelb tweetup. Kim took a bunch of great photos which can be viewed as a set on her Flickr account.

This photo shows some of the wonderful items being swapped. I feel very fortunate to have been the recipient of several of these beautiful bowls, as well as the super-cute knight and coffee cup pincushion :). The other awesome crocheted goodies (such as the dalek - yes, a dalek!) were made by Kim for Ruth.


#creativebarter photo credit to haikugirlOz (on Flickr)

P.S. Another blog post is on its way shortly to make up for yesterday's lack ;)