I've just finished labouring over the job application that I mentioned yesterday. I've now sent it in, and I think it was a good effort in the end (although my chances for this position are only so-so). I'm kind of buzzing actually - a bit like the feeling you get after completing a work project or handing in a Uni assignment!

I'm also feeling very fortunate today. In the lead-up to submitting the application, I was lucky enough to receive assistance from several fellow librarians in different ways. I was told about the position by a librarian in the Northern Territory who received my contact details from a colleague here in Victoria. Another colleague gave me some advice about what the position was likely to entail. And a librarian that I know through Twitter was kind enough to offer to look my application over and provide some helpful comments :)

Although I'm looking ahead and looking forward to future challenges in Darwin, I'm also feeling nostalgic today for my previous workplace. I was invited to their end-of-year lunch today, and had a wonderful time catching up with everyone and enjoying great conversations over lunch. They really are a lovely bunch of people, who I hope to have the pleasure of working with again some day :)