Today's post is super-quick, as I've got to finish a job application tonight :)

Tim and I bottled the home brew last night and have 54 bottles of beer to show for it. We had quite an efficient production line going between the two of us as we sterilised, rinsed, primed, filled and capped all of the bottles.

Home brewed English bitter

We also had an electrician come around this morning to fix some lights and install an extra powerpoint in the study. Hopefully that should put an end to some of the power-related computer problems we've had in the past.

And I spent the afternoon at my Mum's house, sorting through books with one of my sisters. Mum's done a big culling of her book collection, but it hasn't had a positive flow-on effect to my own culling efforts. Today was our fourth (and final) day of book sorting, and each occasion has led to an increase in my own book collection!