Last week I finished work at OCLC, having been there for just over 18 months. It's been a great experience, doing something different to any library-related job I've had before. I love to learn and take on new challenges, and I'm proud of the work I did at OCLC.

One of the best parts about working there is the people. Such a fantastic team of professionals who really care about providing high quality service to libraries. People who are intelligent, dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable and generous. I'm really going to miss you all :)

Thank you everyone for the farewell card with all of its kind messages, and for the very generous gifts! XOXO

Last day at OCLC. I'm going to miss everyone, such great people here! Thank you for the card, the gifts, the cake XOXO

Over the last few weeks, I made each of my colleagues a papercraft desk buddy to show my appreciation for them. Here's a mosaic of all of them together:

Papercraft Gifts (mosaic)

The paper models were all based on free designs I found online. I printed them on 160gsm paper and spent many evenings cutting, folding and glueing :) Individual photos are posted on Flickr - the designers are all credited, and links to the patterns are provided.

I'm currently taking a couple of months off prior to starting a visual arts course next year. It's all very exciting, and I will write more about that soon!