As promised, here is the wrap-up of 25 Christmas decorations in 25 days for 2015 - the second year I've taken photos of Christmas ornaments on my tree for each day in December leading up to Christmas.

25 Christmas decorations in 25 days - 2015 mosaic

A few ornaments still didn't make it into the final selection of 50 (25 last year, 25 this year) but I got most of my special ones in. The full photo set of inidividual decorations is on Flickr.

It's a funny experience, posting about Christmas every day. If you love Christmas (and I do), it stretches the celebration out for longer - you're thinking about Christmas every day for nearly a month. On the other hand, I must admit to some Christmas fatigue setting in, though luckily not enough to affect the day itself.

Next year I thought I might do 25 Christmas decorations that aren't on the tree, such as wreaths, garlands, stockings, advent calendars, etc. But then again, I might take a year off and come back to that idea in 2017 :)