It's that time of year again! I do love Christmas time - for the family memories, the nostalgic traditions, the seasonal cooking, and of course the decorations!

I've already put up the tree this year and have decorated it with my favourite ornaments collected over the years. Some I made myself, some are purchased, some are gifts, and some are family treasures. Nothing matches, and there is no overall theme to my Christmas decorating - everything I love gets thrown at the tree, and I give myself permission to clash :)

Are you ready, tree?

We're going to need a bigger tree.

The tree underneath all the ornaments has been kicking around in my family for many years, but I have to admit that it is now struggling under the weight of more and more decorations as each year passes (I don't even put all of them up any more). It's looking like next year it will be time to upsize.

In the meantime though ... last year I posted a photo each day in December leading up to Christmas of the decorations on my Christmas tree. When I'd finished, I realised that I still had enough ornaments to do it all again this year (and then some) - so I'll be doing just that :)

I'll be adding photos daily to Instagram, Flickr and Facebook, and will collect them all together at the end of the year in a photo mosaic.

Below is the mosaic of the collection that I posted last year. By the time this Christmas comes around, I will have a new set of 25 to share :)

25 Christmas decorations in 25 days - 2014 mosaic