I put my Christmas tree up early for a change in 2014. When I posted a photo of it on Instagram in late November, I mentioned that I had more ornaments than space on my tree. My friend Jo suggested that I post photos of individual ornaments each day, so that people could get a closer look. I thought that was a great idea, so 25 Christmas decorations in 25 days was born :)

Each day in December, up to and including Christmas Day, I posted a photo of an ornament on Instagram. Some were decorations that I'd made, some had been made by my Mum or passed down through the family, and there were a few favourites that I'd bought over the years too. I cross-posted each photo to Flickr and Facebook, and it was nice to see that people enjoyed looking at them.

When Christmas had come and gone, I put together a photo mosaic of all 25 ornaments. Click on the photo below to check out the whole set on Flickr :)

25 Christmas decorations in 25 days - 2014 mosaic

I did a quick count before taking the tree down, and thanks to a few new decorations that I received this Christmas, it looks like I'll have enough ornaments to do 25 days again in 2015!