This year I passed my 10 year anniversary of working in libraries. I've been thinking about the journey I've taken over that time - the things I've done, the skills I've learned, the places I've worked, the people I've met, and the friends I've made. So please forgive the listy-listy-list nature of this blog post, as I take a trip down memory lane ...

I have worked in university, parliamentary, TAFE (vocational education), special, and corporate libraries. I also did a work placement in public libraries. I'm currently working for a library vendor.

I consider myself lucky to have had many different jobs in libraries too, mostly as a result of taking on a variety of contract positions in my early library career. I've been a liaison librarian, customer support consultant, reference librarian, library attendant (shelving assistant), processing officer, client support librarian, library officer, indexing librarian, ordering officer, and broadcast media librarian.

I've taught information literacy classes, provided reference services, abstracted and indexed journal articles, provided library software technical support, implemented and managed projects, developed social media policies, created online learning objects, managed collections, engaged with stakeholders, developed lesson plans, conducted research, presented at conferences, trained library staff, managed in-house databases, conducted advanced literature searches, delivered software training, done a bit of web design, and worked many a desk shift.

On my own time I have also completed a Graduate Diploma followed by a Master of Information Studies (with Distinction), been an ALIA committee member, attended conferences and library camps, conducted original research, presented at a conference, managed an e-list, been on a conference committee, undertaken heaps of professional development activities, participated in the ALIA PD scheme, blogged, tweeted, networked, met amazing and inspiring people, and made great friends.

Working in libraryland is now the longest of my various 'careers' (having spent 6 years in science and 6 years in the public service). I have naturally itchy feet, and have considered moving on to something new more than once in recent years. But there are two things that are keeping me in libraries right now. Firstly, I genuinely enjoy helping people, either directly or indirectly, to find the information that they need. And secondly, I love being part of a connected network of passionate library and information workers, and I simply can't imagine not having those brilliant and generous people in my professional life. So I'll be around for a while longer :)