First there was #blogeverydayofjune. Then there was #1pic1thoughtinAug. Now it's time for #Octshowntell :)

#Octshowntell is a challenge to explore a variety of digital storytelling tools - one each week in October - and share the results on Twitter, using the #Octshowntell hashtag. As well as being great fun, it's a terrific idea to get to know these tools, and to consider how they can be used in both personal and professional contexts.

My first effort was using Animoto, which creates beautiful animated slideshows from your photos. Just add some Creative Commons licensed music, and you're done! It's free to make 30 second videos, with longer videos and more options available for a fee.

My first attempt was a simple slideshow of some photos that I took at Floriade in 2007:

My second attempt was more of a story, demonstrating how Roxy helped us (hah!) put some flat-pack cupboards together:

I hope you enjoy them! :) My efforts for weeks 2 and 3 will be uploaded shortly ...